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Silk Chiffon


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The maximum continuous length is approximately 35 to 40 yards for this product, ordering more than 35 yards may come in more than one piece.

The maximum continuous length is approximately 6 to 12 yards for this product, ordering more than 12 yards may come in more than one piece

This Fabric Comes In 50 Yard Bolts.

The maximum continuous length is approximately 10 to 15 yards for this product, ordering more than 15 yards may come in more than one piece

Roll comes in 25 yards

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100% Silk Chiffon (Italian Chiffon Collection)

Silk Chiffon Is A Sheer Fabric. Picture Was Taken On A White Background For Better Image Quality.
The Fabric Is 45” Or 54”. We Charge The Same Price For Both Widths.

Silk chiffon is a sheer, lightweight, yet strong, fabric commonly used as an overlay for evening wear. This flat-crêpe fabric is also used for blouses, ribbons, scarves and lingerie. It is slightly rough with a dull finish.

Weight 0.017 lbs
Silk Chiffon Available Options

500 PC-White, 501 PC-Off White, 502 PC-Cream, 503 PC-Champagne, 504 PC-Light Peach, 505 PC-Deep Peach, 506 PC-Baby Peach, 507 PC-Dark Peach, 508 PC-Beauty Bush, 509 PC-Pippin, 510 PC-Sunglo, 511 PC-Roman, 512 PC-Chablis, 513 PC-Dust Storm, 514 PC-Misty Rose, 515 PC-Brandy Rose, 516 PC-Chardon, 517 PC-Rose Fog, 518 PC-Casablanca, 519 PC-Yellow, 520 PC-California, 521 PC-Rusty Nail, 522 PC-Antique, 523 PC-Deep Bronze, 524 PC-Bronze, 525 PC-Olive Drab, 526 PC-Bronze Olive, 527 PC-Chocolate, 528 PC-Quarter Pearl, 529 PC-Double Pearl, 530PC-Pumice, 531PC-Niagara, 532PC-Teal Blue, 533PC-Teal Green, 534PC-Java, 535PC-Tiffany Blue, 536PC-Robbins Egg Blue, 537PC-Eastern Blue, 538PC-Hippie Blue, 539PC-Gezer, 540PC-Smalt Blue, 541PC-Heather, 542PC-Congress Blue, 543PC-Science Blue, 544PC-Blue Violet, 545PC-Arapawa, 546PC-Deep Koamaru, 547PC-Ultramarine, 548PC-Minsk, 549PC-Purple Gem, 550PC-Remy, 551PC-Tutu, 552PC-Mamba, 553PC-Mountain Mist, 554PC-Mako, 555PC-Spring Green, 556 PC-Green Haze, 557 PC-Rain Forest, 558PC-Tropical Rain Forest, 559PC-Watercourse, 560PC-Razzle Dazzle, 561PC-Flamingo, 562PC-Salmon, 563PC-Coral, 564PC-Crimson, 565 PC-Beauty Red, 566PC-Debian Red, 567PC-Ruby, 568PC-Dark Terracotta, 569PC-Scarlett, 570PC-Lavender, 571PC-Twilight Lavender, 572PC-Rose Bud Cherry, 573PC-Mulberry, 574PC-Dark Rasberry, 575PC-Vivid Cerise, 576PC-Cherry, 577PC-Siren, 578PC-Disco, 579PC-Navy, 580PC-Jacaranda, 581PC-Rose Quartz, 582PC-Fedora, 583PC-Voodoo, 584PC-Valentino, 585PC-Black, 586PC-Brilliant Lavender, 587PC-Magnolia, 588PC-Supernova, 589PC-Cloud, 590PC-Saddle Brown, 591PC-True V, 592PC-Kimberley, 593PC-Magenta, 594PC-Fandango, 595PC-Malachite, 596PC-Iris, 597PC-Cadmium Green, 598PC-Neon Green, 599PC-Wild Willows, 600PC-Buttercup, 601PC-Old Lace, 602PC-Rodeo, 603PC-Fantasy, 604PC-Mai Tai, 605PC-Flint, 606PC-Ripe Lemon, 607 PC-Rich Carmine, 608PC-Lavender Blush, 609PC-Shalimar, 610PC-Tickle Me


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