The Garment District of New York City is located on the West side of Midtown Manhattan. The massive concentration of fabric stores and textile related companies exude fashion wherever you look. The Garment District has been lauded as the fashion capital of the world and prominently boasts the headquarters of many of the world's most distinguished fashion companies. The Garment District is host to thousands of New York City's showrooms and to countless major fashion labels. Naturally, a plethora of resources can be found, from pattern makers, full production cutting and sewing rooms, designers, dress dyeing service, wholesale fabric manufacturers, designer fabrics, home decor fabrics, and just about anything fashion related, all in less than one square mile.

New York City is known as the fashion capital of the world in part due to the over $15 billion in annual revenues that are generated from local textile businesses. The Garment District is the epicenter for a number of world renowned fashion designers - their global production, showrooms, retail operations and distribution is all controlled from The Garment District. Many of the designers in the Garment District make their exclusive fabrics available solely to a small number of trusted fabric stores, namely Due to the overwhelming number of fashion and apparel companies in The Garment District, there is a huge demand for first quality, high end designer fabrics and apparel fabrics, which is the primary reason why is strategically located in the center of the garment District.

History In the mid 19th century, The Garment District first began to shape when a group of tailors and seamstresses started to produce uniforms for sailors, work clothes for slaves and handmade suits for businessmen. This created a growing demand for uniform fabrics, shirting fabrics and suiting fabrics. New York City was the only place where there was a steady supply of exquisite wool fabrics, linen fabrics, silk fabrics and cotton fabrics which were being brought by explorers from native lands. This combination of resources and the rapidly growing population of New York City fueled the explosive growth of the Garment District which has carried on for decades.